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This is our Global Cleaning Contracts PLC Cleaners page. We have listed the full address of Global Cleaning Contracts PLC, phone numbers and websites. Global Cleaning Contracts PLC is in Sutton, Global Cleaning Contracts PLC offers cheap home cleaners, office cleaners, night cleaners and weekend cleaners in Sutton. They also offer cheap home cleaning and office cleaning in Sutton.

Global Cleaning Contracts PLC Map:
Global Cleaning Contracts PLC
Global House
8-10 High Street
Sutton, SM1 1HN
Phone: *needs updated*


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    Karmal Atlast on 10 Aug 2014
    I am trying to find out more about this company and whether it is worth contracting for them. I have heard mixed feedback.
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    Arthur on 02 Jun 2012
    I have made enquiries with Global Cleaning Contractors and find out that there Franchise do not add up u pay about £100 for registration. Their contracts are overvalued and you end up doing work for them for about £3/hour for the next 3years if they chase you lose your contract deposit. If they sell your contract you lose 50%.
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    Terry244 on 23 May 2012
    As a client I would advise all customers to be careful when taking up a contract with Global. The terms are generally a 24-month contract, meaning that you are unable to leave if there is a problem. Any problem you identify with your cleaning service (in writing, sent by Recorded Delivery, to Head Office) has to be rectified by them in two weeks (check the wording on your contract). If they do not, and the cleaning service is still poor, then you have the right to declare the contract void. They will try to wriggle out of this and deflect your letters. But be persistent and do not accept a sub-standard service.
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    James Cockle on 07 Aug 2009
    Consistently throughout the professional relationship with Global Cleaning Contracts I have complained of the consistently poor cleaning provided by your contractors during the short time we had Global Cleaning Contracts cleaning premises. I have listed the incidents below, and I hope that it will show you the extent of the incompetence and lack of skill shown by your contractors who arrived at the premises. Every issue had been written in the Client Handbook – but not once was a reply to my feedback submitted. I had explained to Mr King that as a company we wanted to try out the cleaning services supplied by Global Cleaning and agreed to have a spring clean of the salon at 137 Commercial Street. During the first ever clean I was woken up at approximately 12.30am as the alarm was going off in the shop (a very simple system that was explained very well) I was subsequently called by our alarm company, and spent over 30 minutes on the phone with the cleaner and the alarm company to try and disable the alarm The next morning hair was found all over the salon; one of the hair bins was not emptied as with the toilet bin. As there was so much hair on the floor it is hard to believe that the floor had even been swept let alone vacuumed, mopped, polished and buffed. There were drink marks on almost every surface, bar waste pushed under the cocktail bar and the coffee machine had splashes of milk on it. The beauty room had not been even touched, and the gold room had none of the basins properly wiped down. It was after this that we purposefully made drink marks on many surfaces on a night before the cleaners were due to come in, finding marks on the surfaces in the morning did not surprise me however as the shop did not look like anyone had come. I was woken up again by the cleaner and the alarm system the next evening we had the cleaner in, even though I had explained the alarm system to him again. The next morning was a very similar story in the way of the salon appearance. At this point I had called David King twice in the space of three days (only two days cleaning). I found David King to be understanding but quite unable to help the situation whatsoever, he said that he would speak with the cleaner and TRY to sort it out. Something very odd started happing though, as the floor got slightly better (still not polished or buffed) there was less hair on the floor, the salon furniture was being dragged around the salon floor which in turn has scratched our vintage parquet flooring. In the morning we would have to lift and place back the following; • Product cabinets • Fire Hydrants • Couches • Chaise Lounges • Reception Chairs • Almost all of 15 Styling Chairs As this was happening every morning for the entirety of the time Global Cleaning has been in charge of cleaning the premises, we missed valuable morning briefings with staff members, and subsequently our client care has suffered. This problem has been expressed to David King numerous times. On the morning of the Saturday of April, I personally came in an hour and a half early to complete personal work. Walking into the salon I was shocked to find that almost very mirror, basins, internal fire door windows, and front door windows had been sprayed with lime scale remover, wiped in and left. It took me an hour and a half to clean the shop to a standard we could let clients in the door. Saturday is our busiest day of the week and we missed our morning briefing as staff had to help with me finish trying to remove the chemical from the surfaces and re-arrange the furniture. I left a message on that Saturday morning with David King and left a message expressing my dismay on your head office phone line whilst writing a report into the client handbook. During the course of our relationship with Global we have found the floor care to be diabolical, not only has the finish been scratched by the movement of the furniture but we have had to mop and try to polish it our self’s once a week as it looked embarrassingly dull and downright dirty. When expressing my concern and dismay and my belief that as a client we should not be having to pay for ‘cleaning’ which we have to re-clean when arriving at the salon in the morning, I was told by Mr King that if ‘we’ (global cleaning) gave us a discount the cleaner would not be paid! I think this is a totally unacceptable view for any company to have as I strongly believe as a cleaning company you have not met the requirements set out in the contract and have therefore breached it. We have contacted you countless times regarding the issues explained above and feel that you as a company have not acted appropriately and with due concern. During the time Global Cleaning Contractors were cleaning the premises we had more than 7 different people coming into the shop. At more than one point strangers to management were arriving to complete a clean. The cleaners who I believe were sub contractors of your subcontractor were elderly and did not look fit to clean, one gentleman was not able to stand up straight and looked to have severe back problems. At one point the cleaners who had never been shown by myself the salon, left the front bolted doors unlocked (as it is a job that must be explained) and only locked the very flimsy inner door which could easily been forced open during the night.
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    Marietta on 29 Aug 2008
    Hello, I clean with this company for long time and they be helpful to me and my place of cleaning. I make more money now and my work good enough for me. Also my friends been here for long time and make more money than me. So we want buy more jobs. It good idea because I not so good in the books and collecting the money from my jobs.
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    CM on 28 Aug 2008
    I stumbled across this site and was very surprised to see my old company Global being discussed in a negative light. I had a thoroughly positive experience there and found management to be of the highest integrity. Some of the contractors on my area had been there for over 10 years and a high percentage of my new contractors came from referrals. Can\'t be that bad!!!! I was well looked after and would go back if I ever moved back into the area.
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    Former-Global-Employee on 31 May 2008
    As an ex employee of Global I would advise any Contractor or anyone seeking a role with Global to stay well away. In both cases you WILL regret it !!! You have been warned stay well clear of Global Cleaning Contracts PLC. As a Contractor working for Global, apart from the odd couple you will not make any money. They paint a rosy picture of the business, simply take the figures to a Financial Advisor or someone similar, they will advise you against it !!!!
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    JR on 19 May 2008
    I have worked with them for quite some time and have found them to honest, reliable and always paid me on time every month - just like they promised. I trust them okay and will work for them in the future
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    PJ on 12 Mar 2008
    Whatever you do avoid this company like the plague. They advertise in newspapers to find people they can dupe into being cleaning contractors for them. They paint a rosy glowing picture of all the benefits but the reality is a nightmare you would not believe. For three years they made my life hell. First of all they sold me two contracts one of which was already disgusted with Global and I was left to finance the contract for 2 years before they would refund even part of what they owed me. The other was for a company that insisted on 10 hours work a week and they paid for 2. No correction- they refused to pay anything so I also had to pay that for 2 years with no compensation. I could go on and on but I am sure you get what I am complaining about. Finally I have taken them to court to get the last £603 they owe me and received a Notice of Judgment Entered on the 5th October. When I called the court about the procedure to get the money they said the company have requested the case to be \"set aside.\" I am sure they did. Yet more time wasting garbage from these cowboys. The court said I could have the Judgment transferred out for the execution of a warrant which I have done. Let\'s see how these complete jerks wriggle out of that. They charge five times the monthly income as the contract fee, and then they deduct a twenty per cent management service fee from the monthly customer bill. In addition to this they take ten pounds per month for insurance. If for example you clean four offices of the same company but in different locations you would pay forty pounds a month in insurance. The resale value is fifty per cent of your original payment. Be very careful and take legal advice before signing anything with this company.

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