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This is our Daily Poppins Cleaners page. We have listed the full address of Daily Poppins, phone numbers and websites. Daily Poppins is in Reading, Daily Poppins offers cheap home cleaners, office cleaners, night cleaners and weekend cleaners in Reading. They also offer cheap home cleaning and office cleaning in Reading.

Daily Poppins Map:
Daily Poppins
A2 Acre Business Park
Acre Road
Reading, RG2 0SA
Phone: 0118-974 4070


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    James Jones on 06 May 2016
    I've used Daily Poppins for many years and have found them to be a reliable service. I saw these reviews whilst searching for their contact details so thought I ought to post my experience of using their services especially since the staff have been really helpful over the years.
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    S. Beverley on 08 Aug 2015
    Had read bad reviews after booking so was dreading them coming. However they cleaned house efficiently, especially bathroom and cloakroom. They did everything I asked. Kitchen tiles and floor very clean. Gent in charge was very polite and directed non - english speaking ladies who were very hard working. Excellent but you may not get the same team.
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    Daisy May on 24 Apr 2015
    I booked a 4 weekly 3hr clean through the office with Daily Poppins Milton Keynes area and out of courtesy (I was not asked to do so) i let the office know that we have 2 vivariums with snakes in and that my daughter was looking after a friend's pet rats, as a favour. I explained that the snakes were in one room and would invariably be in their hide and so they could either be avoided completely or if in the room would be out of sight anyway. I was transparent about this so no one was shocked unnecessarily as i realise not everyone likes snakes or rats. 7pm the night before the clean was due I speak with the organiser and am informed they will not be coming to clean at our house - the reason being because of the pets... I am really disappointed about this, if i had said nothing about the pets and they would be here cleaning now. I believe we were to get 3 people to clean for an hour so obviously not 1 out of the 3 could clean around 2 vivariums and a rat cage, or even reach a compromise to say they would be avoiding those rooms. Disappointed & annoyed, i know good cleaners are hard to find and they sounded good but didn't deliver. Having read the rest of the reviews on here i now feel i had a lucky escape!
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    Helen on 23 Apr 2015
    So bad! I paid £150 for a 1 bed flat, and all Daily Poppins Newbury did was a bit of hovering and general cleaning. It takes 2 hours to basically clean this flat, they had 6 hours and achieved no more than that. Avoid!
  • review icon
    Emely on 13 Mar 2015
    Daily poppins Newbury is the worst cleaning service I have ever had in my life. The first day was a horror where the rubbish from my bathroom was left in my kitchen! In 50 mins 3 people working they didnt clean anyting at all just superficial wipes. Kitchen was still sticky and oily and the most basic of cleaning is vacuuming they eve got that wrong!!! I complained to Agnes of Daily poppins Newbury and she assured me that next time would be better and the same story next time. for the price and 3 hrs service worth they barely touched my kichen and dining and a bathroom. They are very cheeky with time and dont give mittens about doing the job. NEVER EVER AGAIN ...dont bother with this agency.
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    Em on 13 Mar 2015
    Avoid the Newbury branch they are horrendous. I have used them twice but the house looks worst than before. Left bins from bathroom in the kitchen, did not clean sticky kitchen surfaces amd when i complained they were horribly rude. the timing is a cheat 3 hrs for a 4 bedroom house they say they send 3 ppl for 50 mimutes rest is apparently loading amd unloading and in the 50 mins they hardly cover anything. The cleaning quality wherever they do manage to wipe is dirty! cleaners from hell!
  • review icon
    Ruth on 13 Jan 2015
    Extremely disappointed with Daily Poppins Peterborough !!! Rooms missed, dust and cobwebs left and extortionate prices. Despite many chances the complaints I raised were still not addressed at subsequent visits. I was told that the cleaners were trained the daily Poppins way - rush it and run way!! Was promised each room cobwebbed and worked around thoroughly, I didn't see anyone use a feather duster or similar once!! Avoid at all costs
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    G Oxley on 08 Sep 2014
    Just had a very unpleasant exchange with the Eninburgh branch of Daily Poppins and at £18 an hour I'm really glad I've not gone with them. Very poor service, very poor customer relations.
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    Paula Bryan on 25 Oct 2013
    I have used Daily Poppins from Newbury and I would not recommend using them. Their cleaning is poor, they quoted 2.5 hours per week would be needed for my 3 bedroom house to find they only did 35 minutes for £45.00.
  • review icon
    Catherine O'Brien on 10 Oct 2013
    I paid Daily Poppins of Newbury about £100 to clean my house, money which they take upfront. I returned to find that not only had they had failed to clean the kitchen surfaces. These are granite - I had left them clear but they had not even been touched. So the first thing I did after the house had been "cleaned" was clean the kitchen surfaces. Then I went into the hall and waws horrifed to discover that wet footprints had been trailed all the way up my brand new stair and landing carpet. The idiots had mopped the hall and kitchen tiles, then waltzed off upstairs treading wet footprints all the way up. They were there for under 2 1/2 hours - an extortionate rate of £20.00 per hour per person (there were two of them)for a poor level of cleaning. I emailed them to complain and wrote a scathing review on their site. Needless to say, no reply and my review not included amongst their glowing testimonials. Only use Newbury Daily Poppins if you are a massochist and want to do the job yourself properly, after they have messed it up.
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    Stephan on 28 Sep 2013
    Daily Poppins(Peterborough) Carpets cleaned one day,house cleaned a few days later. Seriously good. Maybe there are cheaper cleaners around but if you want quality.
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    Anonymous on 30 Aug 2013
    AVOID THIS COMPANY. The manager at the Bracknell branch lied to me about how long the cleaners would be at the property for - therefore she made them leave the job half way through and left me with a dirty house and as it was an end of tenancy clean, it was very inconvenient and stressful. She was very rude and didn't fix the situation and the owner of the company has also refused to help. Most unprofessional cleaning company I have ever come across - not worth using for their cheap prices.
  • review icon
    HB on 16 Jul 2013
    Arrived 2 hours late - spent 40 minutes doing god knows what as there is still dust about the place. Complained to the franchisee and then this woman Sylvia put the phone down on me. Utterly scandalous service and dreadful company. They ought to be investigated by Trading Standards.
  • review icon
    Julia Grayling on 15 Nov 2012
    I must say the job they did for my mother was excellent the staff were courteous and thorough. I for one will be recommending them it was because I was looking for them to rebook that I found this site and because of some of the reviews I felt not enough people leave praise as its too easy to be negative. Personally I always keep an open mind of other people's opinions!
  • review icon
    Fiona Miles on 04 Nov 2012
    Started using the Basingstoke franchise in June and had nothing but trouble rugs on beds, rooms missed out, rubbish left on door step in full sun so came home to a stink .Very poor customer service its very much now we have your money...Even the rooms that were done still had dust and grime in them so ended up having to go round checking not ideal In the end I decided that there must be more professional and cheaper cleaners out there and I was right I have one piece of advise if thinking of using them DONT.
  • review icon
    Worried Granddaughter on 01 Jul 2012
    The Bath/Keynsham branch of Daily Poppins are scaam artists. We have had to inform both police and office of fair trading. Part of their scam is bullying old laadies to sign bits of paper alone when they cannot see the print to read what they are signing along with intimidation untill they do, not informing next of kin. Tell everyone do not use this firm.
  • review icon
    Sam on 28 Jun 2012
    Had booked this company before doing my research properly, and before reading this page, so was quite worried about the appointment. They actually did an okay job - better than expected (reading others reviews here) but not perfect. I\'m sure I could do a better job given the time, but that is the point - I don\'t have the time. I came home to an adequately clean house with no problems and that took a weight off my mind. Will be using again, at least a couple of times during a busy period for me.
  • review icon
    Natalie Mason on 12 Jun 2012
    SHEFFIELD BRANCH - Manager - Paula Cook(useless). Cleaners - Lisa and Kellianne (lazy and couldn\'t give a damn about their work). Well, I read the reviews on Daily Poppins Website, and after a meeting with the manager PAULA COOK, who said ALL the right things, I thought, \"Finally, I have found decent cleaners!\" - I didn\'t have to tell her what I wanted doing, she came out with all the speel, none of which was actually done by the even more incompetent cleaners! HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! Absurdly expensive, but I didn\'t mind paying if they\'d actually cleaned! Can anyone tell me if they think it\'s possible to clean a 5 bed house (2 cleaners) in 1 hour and 10 minutes? It takes me a good 8-10 hours to clean it myself (but at present, have had a c-section, so am limited as to what I can do). I gave the manager a sheet with what I wanted doing / not doing, which she agreed to, yet it was TOTALLY ignored. They used products I specifically asked them not to use, causing me work! They missed so much cleaning, I ended up going round and trying to do it myself, in my currently limited capacity. VERY upsetting and frustrating. If they spent more time doing the jobs I asked for, instead of making my already perfectly made up bed (and they made a right mess of it!), folding toilet paper in to triangles, and rolling up towels, not to mention putting ornaments / kitchen appliances / picture frames / etc., back in the wrong places (which I know are tricks of the trade to make it look like they\'ve cleaned - My Mum used to manage a cleaning company), they would have more time to do the jobs required! I was amazed when they arrived and said to me, \"Today is a one hour clean as there are three of us.\" - I do not pay for a TIMED clean! I pay for the house to be cleaned as per our agreement. On top of that, the customer service is appalling - I am rarely replied to, I have to call them to find out when they\'re arriving...the list goes on and on and on, but I think you get the picture! So, to summarize - APPALLING COMPANY WHO ARE OUT TO EARN AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE, DOING AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, AND TREATING THEIR CLIENTS APPALLINGLY. I\'ve stopped today\'s cheque, they\'re not getting any more of my money. I am dsgusted with them. I\'ve also reported them to local Tabloids and Watchdog. Watch out for them on there, if enough people complain, I am sure they\'ll be on it! Worst cleaners I have ever had the misfortune to come across. DO NOT USE, they do not deserve your hard earned cash!
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    C. Hughes on 11 May 2012
    Having initially thought they were good; I cannot recommend the Henley based Daily Poppins team to anyone. I have had the corner of my bedroom wall damaged.They failed to contact me and I have never been able to speak to anyone since they started. The last clean was so substandard. Still no response to my calls.They have failed to use specific cleaning products I have left for them with instructions.They talk the talk but do not deliver.
  • review icon
    EMMA on 02 May 2012
    Have used daily poppins for about 4 weeks - started off well but then ended with them standing around for 15 minutes at the end as though they had done it all - which they had not ! Would only recommend for a one off clean.
  • review icon
    Nicky on 13 Apr 2012
    worst service of my life. returned early from an Easter break to ensure we were home in time. after 2 frustrating hours and numerous unanswered phone calls later 3 young ladies (young bring quite the operative word) turned up. I explained the work required and was ignored. they spent the hour totally ignored - they superficially cleaned two rooms however little else. the price charged totally differed from what I was originally told -£66 for 3 hours with 1 women rather than £66 for under 1 hour with 3 juveniles. having left them to clean the house we returned on the hour to be confronted with the three of them who had evidently stopped working pretending to carry out some final touches. incredible waste of time and money I know there\'s good and bad in every company but my experience to date has been negative on every aspect and I will never use their services or recommend to anyone else.
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    Sam on 03 Mar 2012
    DISGUSTING !!! AVOID !! i booked them for 4 hours and i could of done it myself in a hour !! disgusting the manager was rude and did not want to know they even threw out my teens clothes which where in a bin bag waiting to be unpacked omg had to call the police for theft and the company did nothing at all never again slow pathetic rip off cleaning service really very very poor!
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    Tayla on 13 Feb 2012
    My housemate found this company online and I wish we\'d seen the reviews beforehand. We paid for a 2 hour deep clean from the Reading franchise and we only got an hour. I\'m not sure what they did in that time as they didn\'t dust, they didn\'t Hoover properly and they wrote on the form that they\'d cleaned the downstairs toilet when they hadn\'t. It\'s still grimy without even bleach put down it. Never, ever again! All we wanted was a couple of rooms cleaned and they couldn\'t manage that.
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    Anand on 24 Jan 2012
    awful service, poor cleaning and rude staff. Do not use
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    Peter Innes on 22 Jan 2012
    The first time we had our house cleaned by Daily Poppins we thought they did a good job. However, this was not the case on the second occasion on 2nd December. Three cleaning staff, came to our house and were supposed to stay for 50 minutes, so my wife popped out to the shops for a few minutes. I was working upstairs and was unaware of when they had arrived or of when they were supposed to continue working. When I came downstairs I found the three of them standing at the bottom, clearly preparing to leave. As I say, I was unaware of when they had arrived and so signed the proffered form. My wife came home a few minutes later and was extremely annoyed that the Daily Poppins staff had left after about 25 minutes. When she inspected their work it was extremely poor. For example, there was dust in all the places they were supposed to have cleaned. We had asked for the bathroom to be “deep” cleaned (you can opt for one area to be “deep” cleaned each week) but, in fact, it was cleaned far less thoroughly than on the previous occasion when they were just doing an ordinary clean. We rang Daily Poppins and spoke to a manager. Initially we wanted to have our money, £43.75, refunded but we were persuaded to allow three different staff to come the following week to redo the job. The manager said she would ring us back to arrange an appointment. She did not call us back, so I rang again and this time I said that I just wanted to have our money refunded. We had been reasonable and given Daily Poppins a chance to make amends but they had failed to do so. The way this call was handled by the manager was most objectionable. She repeatedly insisted that she had spoken to us last week, which she most certainly had not. It took about twenty minutes before she finally accepted that she hadn’t called us as she had promised. However, she nonetheless refused to refund our money. She also said that the three members of staff, had said that I had “hurried them out of the house” because I was going out. This is an absolute fabrication. Noone at any time said that they had to leave because my wife and I were out. My wife was going to be back within a few minutes. They had clearly finished working and wanted to leave and I was only in a hurry to sign the form so that I could get to work. This is a fabrication in order to cover up that they left early. The quality of the work that they had supposedly completed was very poor in any case. I believe given the sequence of events, it was entirely reasonable to ask for our money to be refunded. I think the managers handling of the complaint, insisting that she had called us when she had not, was extremely poor and, in particular, refusing to give us a refund is outrageous.
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    SB on 28 Oct 2011
    In general a very poor and expensive service. - They used dirty cloths to clean leaving dirty streaks across the surfaces - They didn\'t hoover properly - They ignored dirt and dust on skirting boards and bannisters - They didn\'t hoover or sweep under mats and rugs - They rushed the job but on a number of occasions didn\'t do their full time, when I complained I was faced with a very rude cleaner being sent back to finish the time. They send different people each week so there\'s no point in asking them to do things differently because it\'s someone else the following week. The lady who runs the Reading branch has no idea of how to interact with her customers and doesn\'t seem to know what is going on with bookings. We still have a dispute with her over a clean she claims to have completed when she hasn\'t so she owes us and doesn\'t bother to respond to emails and the phone line is usually on answer phone and she doesn\'t call back. My advice - don\'t use them, we cancelled the contract with them a couple of months ago and now have a great cleaner working for us, it\'s a family run business that was recommended to us; we now have more hours cleaning for less money and a far, far better service.
  • review icon
    Claire on 11 Sep 2011
  • review icon
    John Haydon on 21 Jul 2011
    I have used them again today (Reading branch) and have only had good experiences. The staff were polite thorough and efficient despite not having a lot of time to clean up my teenagers messy rooms! Will use them again and would definitely recommend them
  • review icon
    Belinda Kellagher on 11 Jul 2011
    I requested a light clean of a one bed empty flat as it was in between tenants. I specifically told them to clean the fridge as this had been omitted by the previous tenant and to also remove crumbs from the kitchen cupboards. To my amazement then didn't bother doing either of these thngs! My new tenant moved in to a flat with a filthy fridge and kitchen after I said the place had been professionaly cleaned! The 'cleaner' obviously was half blind... or just plain lazy. Cob-webs remained in full view throughout the property, they didn't bother with the inside of the bathroom cabinet, didn't remove the soap scum from the plug hole, left the washing machine dispenser tray FULL of old powder and residue... the list is endless. For this '4 hour clean' they took £88! Thankfully as I paid by credit card I phoned my bank and had it refunded as of course they have ignored my emails. Also, make sure you get a quote in writing.... I was verbally quoted a £100 fee for upholstery cleaning. £110 was actually taken! Unfortunately my bank can do nothing about this due to it not being in writing.
  • review icon
    Berkshire on 19 Jun 2011
    This is an awful service - terrible cleaning and even worse customer service. They first mis-sell the service saying that they send 3 cleaners for one hour each. The 3 cleaners actually only stay for 45 minutes, doing an extremely shoddy job at both cleaning and ironing. The one who cleaned the bedroom put the dustbin, rugs and shoes ON THE BED to vacuum the floor, and then didn\'t even put them back down before leaving! They left garbage outside the front of the house and hanging on various doorknobs in the house. The ironing might as well have not been done - they were barely even folded well. I was absolutely furious with the standard of work and when I called up to cancel the service, the women has the gall to inform me that I \"cannot cancel it until 4 cleans have been completed\" and that I would have to \"pay up whether or not I used the services\" for those 4 cleans. She didn\'t know what hit her. She cancelled the service. I hope they go under soon -- there is no way they can survive with the services they offer!
  • review icon
    Anna on 04 May 2011
    i used daily poppins recently ,i live in stockport ,the team came from altrincham ,there boss val very polite n courtious.had a one off clean ,excellent ,mother and son came.very polite hard working .every aspect of cleaning done throughout,would very highly recommend.
  • review icon
    Anita on 19 Apr 2011
    This branch in Northants is a prime example of \"cowboy\" cleaners I was disgusted as they charged me £90 for the personal honour of boss of this area to be totally rude and threatening. Really awful service from start to finish. would never use again not even to clean my dog kennel. Very unprofessional management. BE AWARE.
  • review icon
    Nick on 11 Apr 2011
    Absolutely dreadful! Was referred to them by a local Newbury estate agent and will definitely not recommend them to anyone. Booked them to clean whole house and my wife and I have spent the last few days doing the job they were hired to do in the first place. Everywhere was superficially cleaned, cupboards were dirty, carpets had woodlice in them, certain rooms weren\'t even touched and hard floors it seemed had not been washed properly or not at all. Left a message to complain but did not hear back so after a week called again whereby they claimed they had left several messages on my mobile which I had not received. When I did discuss the quality of the job with them and request a refund of sorts they simply couldn\'t care less. Do not use them!!!
  • review icon
    Judy Pritchard on 31 Mar 2011
    Daily Poppins Bath have been with me for 6 months. they are prompt, intelligent, helpful and do what I ask. I can heartily recommend the Bath franchise.
  • review icon
    Steve on 30 Mar 2011
    Used the Tadley cleaners, had teams of 3 for 45mins, just seemed to surface clean around things, bathroom and kitchen was often well done...now spent 2 weeks trying to get my keys back and still waiting
  • review icon
    Gzylo on 23 Jan 2011
    use them on a regular basis for spring cleaning and every week. Never had a problem
  • review icon
    Natalie on 17 Nov 2010
    The first clean was good the second clean awfull!The were supposed to be at my house between 8-10 am and didnt turn up till 3. They did not clean my house properly I could of done a better job. They did not lock my front door properly, did not leave an invoice and two of my carpet tiles have come up in the bathroom. When I phoned and complained the Manager said she would refund my deposit ( which im waiting for) but would not give me the money back for the clean. She screamed down the phone at me saying I was making a fuss and that the girls said my house was in an state! what a load of rubbish its a small two bed and me and my partner only live there! The manager is so rude I was shocked. I have reported them to trading standards and I think others should too. I will never have another cleaner again
  • review icon
    Martin on 24 Apr 2010
    Discot franchise: Total waste of time, do NOT use them. We hired them for a end-of-tenancy clean (out contract required \"professional cleaning\" before vacating). They were useless. Could have done a better job in less time myself. Did not clean the oven properly, could not get water stains off the sink (did it with vinegar myself), and so on. Avoid at all cost!
  • review icon
    Mike on 10 Mar 2010
    I had used them as a regular service many for 10 6 years now. Newer had a problem. The clean is don up to very high standard I was checking them with white gloves for first couple of months I still do occasionally. I have tried 3 different companies and Daily Poppins is the best one I have tried.
  • review icon
    Gema on 30 Nov 2009
    Absolutely awful service. I would never recommend this service to anyone..at least the Reading franchise! Very superficial cleaning, I booked two hours and I got 3 people for 30 minutes and they even stole a pound from my dressing table.
  • review icon
    Judi Sutherland on 24 Jul 2009
    These people are dreadful. I was happy to fire them. Don\'t go near them. They had a habit of leaving our kitchen bin bag in whatever outside container they could find - the wheelbarrow, the compost bin, the front doorstep. They put our sabatier knives in the dishwasher, despite being asked not to, until the handles went grey, they broke the bath plug, left dirty dishcloths around the house, blew up our iron, then finally put neat cleaning fluid on our kitchen floor and stripped the polish off the terracotta tiles. For this last event I tried to claim from their insurance and they have never got back to me with details of their insurers. They really ought to go out of business. Their management is truly awful with no regard to customers at all. And they are not cheap either. Delete them from your list.
  • review icon
    Helen Jones on 11 Mar 2009
    Cleaning was satisfactory - just - but appalling customer service and on two occasions they didn\'t lock my front door! No action at all in response to phone calls/emails. They say all the right things but just don\'t deliver on promises. That said, they are cheaper than most of the other cleaners I tried so perhaps you get what you pay for.
  • review icon
    Julia on 26 Jan 2009
    Used Daily Poppins Basingstoke branch twice for \"spring clean\". Although they did an OK job the first time, the second time they turned up several hours late, and did a very poor job. Despite being asked to complete the job they claimed they had finished (early) and started heading out the door. Since they were obviously not making much of an effort and we had guests arriving we let them go and cleaned the house ourselves (hoovered, dusted,cleaned floors & skirting, showers, sinks, straightened picture frames which had all been moved but not actually cleaned, etc.). Have emailed to complain but received no response. Waste of time and money - would never use again.
  • review icon
    Corinne on 30 Oct 2008
    I wish I had read these reviews before I booked Daily Poppins. They turned up late, they rushed the job cleaning very superficially, and then sat around claiming little to do (time which I still had to pay for). They damaged the paint work through bashing the walls repeatedly with the hoover. Do not use this company.
  • review icon
    Edna on 23 Oct 2008
    Daily Poppins, Reading. Unacceptable standard of cleaning. On one occassion they had wiped the worktops in the kitchen and hoovered. None of the bathrooms had been cleaned and no dusting had been done.
  • review icon
    SARAH on 05 Sep 2008
    very poor time keeping, poor standard of cleaning and very expensive.
  • review icon
    G Launisch on 03 Jan 2008
    DAILY POPPINS - This company has extremely poor customer service. The cleaning is not up to standard; they have never refunded me money which they took even after 9 phone calls; they did not turn up when requested and I received no apology, prompting me to cancel their services! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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