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This is our Time For You Domestic Cleaning Cleaners page. We have listed the full address of Time For You Domestic Cleaning, phone numbers and websites. Time For You Domestic Cleaning is in London, Time For You Domestic Cleaning offers cheap home cleaners, office cleaners, night cleaners and weekend cleaners in London. They also offer cheap home cleaning and office cleaning in London.

Time For You Domestic Cleaning Map:
Time For You Domestic Cleaning
6 The Market Square
London, N9 0TZ
Phone: 0800-083 1378


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    John on 04 Oct 2014
    I was with them for more than a year and I thought they were great and we did have one or two issues.
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    Matt on 05 Jun 2012
    Re: Time For You Essex / Kent - Kathrine Branston Below average cleaning, appalling management. - I was told my key was being kept in a safe - it was being kept by the cleaners, who I had never met. The cleaners were changed regularly, despite my telling Kathrine up front that I wanted a consistent one, which she told me would be no problem. On one occasion I left two weeks money when I went away, which someone came in and took, and barely any cleaning was done. Communication is ignored by Kathrine more often than not. After leaving Time For You, they took another 3 months management fees from my account. This took seven weeks to get any sort of a refund, which eventually had had 25 deducted as an 'admin fee'. There are plenty of cleaning companies out there - my advice would be to find another one. Its highly unlikely they'd be worse.
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    J Eves on 09 Nov 2010
    I\'ve had the same very bad experience. Unreliable cleaner. Harry/Heriot Anderson the owner of the Dulwich franchise offered very poor service. He never answered the phone. Only some of money was returned when cleaner did not turn up because you have to pay up front. Canceling was a nightmare. Harry lied to say that he did not receive our first written notice. We forgot to the cancel standing order and so over paid by 170 which they are now refusing to return as we were inside a contract for cleaning although we did not have a single cleaner round in 9 months. Absolutely pathetic. No better than common thieves hiding behind a layer of bureaucracy.
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    Ciara on 28 Oct 2010
    Time For You are a total rip off. You pay above the odds for a very average cleaner... who usually wont speak great english therefore not understanding the instructions you leave them. \'Tony,\' the man who wisits your flat to lull you into a false sense of professionalism is a total joke. He denies receiving emails when you try and cancel the service and I am still in the process of trying to get e refund from them for cancelling in the middle of the quarterly DD term. Just not worth the hassle.
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    Conor Huddleston on 08 Jun 2010
    Without a shadow of a doubt, the worst experience of business I have ever encountered and I\'ve seen a few in my line of work. The \"manager\" or whatever he calls himself called to my house to discuss the ins and outs of things and I put it to him if they had liability cover and he said yes. Really?. After one week (using a very hard working cleaner I must add) there was an accident in the shape of a scrape in a solid oak floor. They said they would take care of us, even though they werent supposed to as they didnt have liability. We were to recieve a leeter confirming all of this would be taken care of. After 7 weeks of waiting a table polisher came out, took one look and said he couldnt do anything with it. The rep never and I mean never answered his phone, despite many voicemails being left. Even when I told him we didnt want anything more to do with this outfit, he still never acknowledged us. Even the cleaner contacted us to say how sorry she was for everything. This so-called service is a disaster. Do not use!!!!!!!
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    Karin Riedl on 02 Feb 2010
    I have used the Brentwood \"time for you\" Branch and can only confirm what Fahad said. Neither the cleaners nor the owner of the business show any professionalism. In fact the management was even worse than the cleaner, totally unreliable and forgetful. When I did not get a promised refund I decided enough is enough and cancelled the contract. What a nightmare! I am still not out of it. The cleaning company has promised to send a cheque but it has not arrived. Nobody picks the phone up and when I leave a message and ask for a call back nobody calls me back. It is almost like a scam! I tried to talk to the actual franchisee but they are not interested either. I can only warn everybody to us \"time for you\". and for Maria: I am happy for you that you had a good experience but by the sound of it you have not had a problem arising yet. When there are no problems it is easy for everybody to give a good service. When there are problems then it shows if you get a good service or not.
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    Maria on 26 Mar 2008
    Although the previous view was of a bad experience over a year and 7 cleaners, I have to say this was not my experience. I\'ve used Time For You in this area for 18 months (and where I previously lived for 2 years) and I found them very helpful, in the past 18 months I\'ve had 2 cleaners, both of whom I was extremely satisfied with. The service was cost effective and worked very well for us. From my experience, I WOULD be happy to recommend them to others.
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    Fahad on 07 Feb 2008
    Rip-offs. Very poor service. Home grown cleaners with no professionalism whatsoever. Since we couldn\'t afford anyone else, we were stuck with them for a year, during which we got 7 cleaners changed! Some would not show up on time. Some did not know how to clean. Some were rude. Some just didn\'t show up at all! Breaking the contract was a nightmare. For 6 weeks we had NO cleaner at all and were promised a refund. However by the end of the contract, they conned us out of the 6 weeks after going into a complete denial that all that never happened. We then complained to the main head office, even to the director all in vain. Overall it was the worst experience ever. The cleaners left the place dirty and would at times skip sections in the house, later denying they ever did so. Would NOT recommend to ANYONE.

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