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This is our Ladybirds Cleaning Services Ltd Cleaners page. We have listed the full address of Ladybirds Cleaning Services Ltd, phone numbers and websites. Ladybirds Cleaning Services Ltd is in Cardiff, Ladybirds Cleaning Services Ltd offers cheap home cleaners, office cleaners, night cleaners and weekend cleaners in Cardiff. They also offer cheap home cleaning and office cleaning in Cardiff.

Ladybirds Cleaning Services Ltd Map:
Ladybirds Cleaning Services Ltd
17 Bron Haul
Cardiff, CF15 9TA
Phone: 029 20891969


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    Claire Lewis on 24 Sep 2016
    What a terrible company to deal with! Money taken for a deep clean and only kitchen touched! Despite photos being sent they said we were lying and refuse to refund us.
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    Lewhs on 25 May 2015
    I was deeply disappointed and upset with this company. After paying 150 for a 'spring clean' I was disappointed with the results. Dust still on shelves, dirty shower and mirror, bathroom lights dirty and dusty the list goes on. I gave the company polite feedback, also informing them I wouldn't go ahead with regular cleans. I was advised to allow the company back into the house to do a regular clean, where the previous issues could be addressed and then to contact the office to give further feedback. I though fair enough everyone deserves a second chance. Needless to say the second clean was not much better. After speaking to a few different ladies at the office I was informed I still had to pay for the clean, and that basically I was making it all up as they had cleaned my house perfectly. After a very unnerving conversation with another member of the 'team' I was so shocked at how rude she was and came off the phone in tears. I would not want anyone else to experience this, hence my review. I Would not recommend this company at all, not a pleasant, professional or honest company to deal with.
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    Kat on 15 Apr 2015
    15th April, 2015, had cleaners in today from ladybirds , for ladies came at 1.35 pm and left at 2.45 pm paid 180 for the cleaning . The kitchen in fairness was done well, but I had to ask them to come back as their were jobs not done. This was supposed to be a deep clean. The radiators skirtings and bathroom tiles etc was not done at all. I also haas. the rugs cleaned by them I think he was the owners son and to be fair he done a good job, I'm very disappointed I would not recommended then.
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    Charlotte on 08 Jan 2015
    I employed Ladybird cleaners to clean my flat and when I inspected the work I was unsure as to whether or not they had actually been. I complained and sent photographs of a dirty toilet, dust, tea cup stains, food inside cupboards, smeared windows, clear evidence of a poor job. I was offered a 20% refund on a voice mail message and when I called to claim this I was told it would be knocked off my next job. I explained I did not want to use the company again as it had taken a month for anyone to respond to the complaint and I didn't think this a satisfactory service. I asked if the manager Lesley agreed it was a poor job from the photographs and she said, clearly not else I would have offered you a refund. She was rude and talked across me and was disinterested in my experience of her company. Take note of the reviews and don't employ this company. This poor service cost me over 200 - allegedly a spring clean with carpets!
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    Unhappy on 20 Mar 2014
    Only wish to comment on Ladybirds customer service. Following a breakage of a collectors piece of porcelain - acknowledged by the cleaning team to have been their fault. Ladybirds management refused to accept responsibility for providing compensation preferring only to make an offer of a nominal payment ( way below the value of the item ) as a 'gesture of goodwill ' informing me that their insurers would not accept liability for the claim. This leaves me wondering why Ladybirds assures its customers that it is fully insured. In my view a clear demonstration of poor customer service.
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    Sian on 12 May 2011
    Charged 140 for a builders/spring clean on a small terraced house so I was expecting a good clean. They did a decent job cleaning mirrors and windows but the rest was a what I would class as a basic clean. Quick mop of floors, wipe over some services (several completely missed incl. dining table, side table and dressing table i.e. big furniture not easy to miss) and a quick clean of the bathroom. They had promised tiles would be polished but they remain streaked with the odd blob of shower gel. Coffee table still had a coffee ring on it I wiped off in a second but they hadn\'t managed to. Of two shelves in the kitchen, one wasn\'t even dusted! Plaster dust left in corners of the rooms where they\'d missed with the quick mop over. I would have been happy to pay 30, which is what they quoted for weekly clean, but 140 is pure rip-off. Worst still, I had to leave four messages before anyone got back to me. Their attitude was awful. Accusing me of being childish for getting annoyed when she insisted the cleaners had arrived at 1.30pm(the agreed time)and stayed for two hours, when she herself had left a message on my answerphone at 2pm apologising for the fact they were late and promising they\'d arrive within 30mins. They arrived by 2.30 but were gone before 3.45. All together, careless work, rip off prices and hurrendous customer service. To be avoided!

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